10 Things That NonFashionistas Don't Understand

1. Just because most people cannot afford designer, it does not mean that designer items are over priced. It just means that designer is that much more amazing.

2. Even if something looks "furry" it does not always mean that it was a real animal. I have had it several times before where someone accuses me of "killing an animal." I tell the person "this is FAUX fur" and yet they are still stupid enough to not understand the definition of faux and continue asking "So what animal are you wearing?"
wgsn: Model @Karmen_Pedaru looks ab fab in a rich emerald fur...
3. Although a classic for night time, sequins can be worn around the clock.
sequined leggings. yes, please!

4. Getting dress-coded is a HUGE deal. That means one less piece of clothing which could have contributed to several other outfits. For all of you still in school, you know what I am talking about.
5. Fashionistas shop the way a bookworm reads. It is our therapy and frees us of stress and boredom.
Clueless #movie #film #costume design
6. Heels are not meant to make you taller, although short people can use them to their advantage.
#Red #Shoes #Highheels Enjoying Shopping Experience By Buying Our Amazing Christian Louboutin Asteroid 140mm Platforms Black!
7. Sales are fashionistas best friend. They enable you to get fabulous clothes for cheap prices.
SALE arrows pointing towards your consignment, thrift or resale shop entrance: http://TGtbT.com thinks this would make a traffic-stopping display window!
8. It is 100% okay to break the rules in fashion. For example, the no white after labor day rule is bogus! Where what you feel like wearing.
9. Just because something is too expensive to buy, it does not mean that you cannot look at it. This is what I do at Neimans or Saks.
Neiman Marcus stores photo - Google Search
10.  Splurging is not a bad thing every once in a while, especially if it is something that absolutely can't be passed up.


  1. I love a bit window shopping hehe.
    Loved this post, everything you said is true. I love fake fur. xox


  2. Love this post! very accurate.

  3. Hey, Just thought I'd pop by to let you know that I have nominated you for The Liebster Award! Can't wait to read your post ;D