About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to Bethany's Bling! If you didn't already guess the obvious, my name is Bethany and I have a serious obsession with all things fashion. I am nineteen and am going to college with a major and minor in fashion. I ultimately aspire to become a stylist. Bethany's Bling was created in June of 2014 out of my passion for clothes. Throughout the blog you will find quite a bit of glam, girliness, and most importantly, a great deal of bling. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Bethany Bling! I'm having some fashion issues. What is more stylish at the moment a blanket coat or those really high boots that come up to the thigh.

  2. Hey Taylor! I would say that both are very trendy and equally stylish. If you need help styling them I incorporated thigh high boots in "How to Wear the Slip dress" post and also a blanket coat in "What to Wear with Glitter Boots" post. If you'd like more looks I can do a "How to Wear..." post about each.

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