Where to Buy Valentino Rockstud Inspired Shoes

Hi everyone!
Recently I bought a new pair of faux Valentinos from Amazon, thus the inspiration for this post. I can recall when Valentino rockstud shoes had just come out, and I remember thinking of how I was in desperate need of those shoes. I still aspire to buy a real pair someday, but for the time being, I wear a much more budget friendly version. For those of you who admire Valentinos as much as I do, but cannot afford them, here is your complete guide on where to get Valentino rocksud inspired shoes.
Real Valentinos $995

1. Go Jane $26.27
2. Make Me Chic $31.40
3. Shein $33.33
4. Romwe $35
5. Charlotte Russe $38.99
6. Wild Diva (found on Amazon) $23.07
7. Wild Diva (found at Agaci) $29.50
8. Wild Diva (found at Akira) $30
Real Valentinos $745
1. Shein $29.33
2. Charlotte Russe $24.99
3. Make Me Chic $27.40
4. Go Jane $21.57
5. Romwe $30
6. Betseyville (Available at Target) $26.24
Real Valentinos $1,375
1. Go Jane $36.60
2. Make Me Chic $44.20
3. Wild Diva $43.99

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